Rebecca Wester

The Color Trends Of Custom Packaging This Holiday Season

Trends start and end on colors. Did you know that different colors have a different effect on a buyer’s behavior? Well, it’s true, some colors are so attractive and fun that buyers can’t help but buy them; this is what you need for your holiday packaging. The big companies always go for colors that evoke the feelings in the buyers. Colors make customers fall in love with your product. So, this season chooses the best colors to make the holiday shoppers fall in love with your custom packaging and take your product home with them. 

Holiday Color Preferences:

Holiday colors are always bright, vivid and fun. They are meant to bring color and brightness to your life; this is the reason why they are so cheerful. However, you can also go for silver, gold and black to keep things subtle and regal; many people like their gift elegant. Be mindful of your packaging color, yes, the holiday season calls for festive colors, but your packaging and your product calls for subtle touches; do not experiment with bold colors. 

Professional packaging printing companies would advise you to always go for a color that reflects your product more than the holiday season. You can always add a card or a simple personal message to add a festive touch to your packaging. 

Go Green:

So, the most popular color this holiday season is green. Green dominates the holiday season every year. Green in the holiday season is pretty predictable, so that you can use all shades of green in your custom packaging. If you are not sure about going green and getting wholesale custom packaging, you can always order green sleeves for your packaging. So, you can keep your plain white box as they are and add the green sleeve on your box. You can add a preppy personal holiday message on the sleeve and make your custom packaging festive. 

Green also reflects your care for the environment; custom card boxes are not only customization. They are also biodegradable. Hence, your green color design reflects the festive cheers, as well as your concern for the environment. 

Black And Gold:

Green can be a bit obvious, and evidently, red and green colors are everywhere. There is another color combination that is a winning one in the holiday season. Black and Gold! Black brings in sophistication and grace, while gold adds a touch of elegance to your packaging. Custom packaging with black and gold will win the consumer’s heart instantly. Black and gold add a luxurious touch to your product line; whether you sell watches, jewelry or even apparel, black and gold are just perfect. 


Metallic are always a holiday favorite because of their high-sheen reflection. Metallic are used on cars, as well as jewelry and cosmetics. They not only add a hint of luxury but also entice power in your customers. It was the most popular holiday color last year, and the trend is going to repeat this year because it was a huge hit. Metallic colors will be the favorite of the cosmetics industry, skincare, as well as all kinds of a high-end product. 

Whether you run a spa, café or restaurant, you can add a touch of metallic to your packaging and create the cheery air of the holiday season. Pure white space with metallic typography is a huge trend in both the UK and the US. 

Festive Illustration:

What’s holiday packaging without cute little illustrations. The holiday season is the best season, and you can easily get away with using illustrations. Like using hearts around valentines is extremely useful for sales. Similarly, snowflakes and tinsel are great for the holiday season. You can also use a cute snowman to decorate your custom packaging.


Cardboard boxes wholesale gives you’re a beautiful holiday discount that you can use to cut costs and bring profit to your business. 

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